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                 Want to get out of pain? Correct your posture; feel better & enjoy life.


You will experience results in as few as three weeks. Get Lorri's DVD to:


                      • Tone and shape your body
                      • Transition out of pain
                      • Reclaim up to 30% of your energy
                      • Be able to play with your grandkids
                      • Stun them at your class reunion
                       • Look and feel younger


                      Bring Lorri into your living room when you order

                      her Healthy Posture DVD.


If pain and stiffness keep you from enjoying time with your grandkids, Lorri will help get you back in the game. Read more 




Its for people of all ages

"I think the good thing about the class is that it’s designed for all ages, and all physical abilities. Lorri is able to take people that aren’t very physically able—start them out in a chair. And, they progress.”

Kelly & Wendy

Lorri is the best!

“This class for posture—because I have kyphosis and scoliosis—but when I get through with this class, my back is straight. It hasn’t learned to stay there, yet. But, in time, I believe it will…this class is fabulous.”

87-Year-Old Student with Scoliosis​

I've gained my youth back

“I can go up and down stairs, now, easily. I have tremendous energy that I didn’t have. I can do things that I never thought I would do, again. I’m going to dance classes. I’m playing a little pickleball. I’m swimming. It’s really given me my life back.”


St. George Student


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